The Matthias Building

The Matthias Building

September 19, 2019

the window sign



I just smile, speechless at the sight of the building’s name, the company name, and contact information in the Main Street window.  Such a small step, yes?  But Matthias Building’s sign steps the development forward in our neighborhood.  It introduces the physical presence of Winds Paradox in Merrill, Wisconsin.

I just smile too, because I remember five years ago, scraping and repainting windows late at night, unsure yet excited (and a bit frightened!) at the journey which lay ahead of me.  That road encompassed challenges to any abilities I might have once thought I possessed.

I just smile too, because five years later I could maintain that coy denial but oh, have I learned!  From the reconstruction of a roofing system to creating and recreating my own artistic directions to the development and redevelopment of business plans, Winds Paradox and the Matthias Building have encouraged me to progress.  Sometimes that path was only lit by faith.  Sometimes, by patience.  And often times, I found that path was lit by my family and friends.



Genesee Street flowers

Bricks and flowers

Since 2014, flowers, art and light decorate Matthias.  Thank you to our neighbor, Verna, who has tended daily to those flowers!







September 2019 at the Matthias Building

I strongly believe that the company and building developments are as much yours as they are mine.  I hope you feel always welcomed to return to Winds Paradox and the Matthias Building.  Let us share our journeys!

With love,

Stephanie@Winds Paradox