November 2020

Pot Ash Hoist Corp., Mechanicsburg, PA

November 2020

November 2, 2020.

An opportunity to work outside at the Matthias Building


Well, November is here…The art of the season is found in changes of colors, daylight, and temperatures.  I don’t know how your October was, but mine and my family’s was a bit tempestuous.  And if I believe any portion of the news, I do not feel alone one bit in that summation.

But November is here!  And although I am still scrubbing off the glitter from Halloween fun, it seemed to be half a Halloween.  Some had trick or treat, some did not.  I have friends who have been quarantined for weeks.  And other friends recooperate from medical issues with extreme caution.  In both cases, they, their loved ones and friends celebrate – even if it is remotely – their return to health.

Schools and sports rock through the season with openings, closures and reworks.

“Once in a blue moon” seems to be October 2020 literal truth.

What will November bring?

the next season

A snowy park waits for the next season.

First, the happiness and joy of creating at the Matthias Building!  The early snowfalls in Wisconsin blended browns of leaves still dangling from tree limbs with the incredible whitewashing effect of heavy snow.  Gifts.  Blessings.  In the strongest sense of those words, October’s twists and turns only boosted the impact of nature’s beauty.  Amid heightened political tensions, one longed for the sweet simplicity to just stare out a window or go for a lazy drive or step outside for a deep breath of fresh air.

The natural beauty of brown leaves, soil and pine cones.

Today’s weather begins the rebound from below freezing temperatures to fifties and sixties by week’s end.  We are one day away from the 2020 Presidential election.  And I enjoyed a walk in the woods.  And I sealed the alleyway coal shute doors by Matthias.

The Pot Ash Hoist Corp. from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

From Pennsylvania to Wisconsin.

As I brushed away dirt and gravel from the rusted metal frame, I noticed the stamp.  “Pot Ash Hoist Corp., Mechanicsburg, PA.”  For seven years, the building gives me the gift of reminders.  This morning I caught the news of political rallies in North Carolina and Pennsylvania; and Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio.  In the blur, I listen for updates on the pandemic, political scandals, the stock market and snippets of other news.  Headline catching or grasping, I am unsure which is more accurate.

But the sight of the stamp from a hoist made in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, reminds me.  The strength of that metal persevered through storms, ice and heat.  From Pennsylvania to Wisconsin, we are a community.

It is a small, small world.  Hello, Pennsylvania.  And thank you.

Stephanie, Winds Paradox at the Matthias Building

With love and gratitude from Winds Paradox,


“May we decorate your life…just a little bit..” And finally, please, please, please…..VOTE.