Winds Paradox ~ Summer Hello July 6, 2020

Winds Paradox by Stephanie
Winds Paradox Summer Hello!




Tempestuous Wisconsin.  Wisconsin?  Are we not the calm ones? 

Well, yes and no…

Summer’s humid scorch is here and it’s a good, old-fashioned midsummer heating, complete with rolling thunderhead clouds.  Ninety degrees perfectly balances my memories of February’s arctic-like subzero temperatures.

Red Roses

Summer Rose.




I am Stephanie Springborn, the founder of Winds Paradox.  In my fifty-four years, fashion pervades as my favorite form of artistic expression.  As I reflect upon my experiences with the building renovations, businesses, and entrepreneurship, my creative ‘sustainance’ arose from fashion.  Through the years, I have learned to transform and finetune.  And have some fun while doing so!  

Like many women, I have ignored – almost to the point of denial – the personal part of my journey with Winds Paradox.  And it is that deeply personal touch which gives our unique essence to all we do.


The style and personality of Winds Paradox is so much of the process of becoming – whether that journey be one of development or maintenance or change.  (Or, as life would have it, sometimes our journeys are all the above, all at the same time!)

No matter what number of your years or your birth gender or your skin color, I believe your creative spirit is a unique human expression… 

As I share that part of Winds Paradox, I hope we can share these expressions. Sometimes it is in the paintings, sometimes it is in the clothes.  Sometimes, it is in the failures and the ‘try agains’.  Believe me,  I have been there!  


July Hello 2.

July 6 Yellow Florals


Summer Dresses.

Ninety degrees with high humidity.  It’s July in Wisconsin.  I am fifty-four years old.  I could wear pretty much whatever I would like.  In this forceful heat, I like the softness of a summer floral dress.  I hardly ever wear yellow, but this cheery yellow print makes me feel like I am celebrating the sun.  The polyester cotton viscose fabric is light enough to move when you walk, yet substantial enough to not ride up one’s bum when you walk!

I like the cap sleeves with a bit of elastic rather than a total tank or spaghetti strap.  To me, the decolletage exposure is feminine for summer without being too revealing.  The summer dress is perfect for that now rare outing with friends or family, such as the weekend brunch with your besties!

Summer Accessories with Yellow Floral

Red gingham hair scarf, cheery yellow mask and leopard print scuff sandals

I am particularly fond of dresses. They are deceptively simple.  I can match or play with accessories while keeping the ‘body’ of the outfit simple.  I might have chosen a simpler sandal or espadrilles, but I like to have a few surprise touches to an outfit.  Today, it was the leopard print scuff sandals which have enough of a footbed to be comfortable yet a touch of height to swing a bit when I walk.

(You must swing a bit when wearing a dress.  Just saying…)

Flowers to Come

Yellow roses to come

Thank you for letting me share my favorite expressions of artistry – those of fashion.  To deny that, would be inauthentic.  Please, I urge you to explore your artristry and your expression.  Like me, your uniqueness might be so blasted obvious to everyone around you, yet you discount it. Poo poo it, even. 

Then your heart skips everytime you work with whatever medium is dearest to you. Or the mix of fabrics brings back a smile from your soul…

And then you witness a nurse looking to match bandages to your outfit.

Yes, I am Winds Paradox…

To my loves,

Stephanie, WP  

PS. Please donate blood.

Yellow mask

Yellow Cutie Bug Mask

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