Stephanie Springborn

Stephanie Springborn

“As I photo-documented the building, I fell in love with the history and humanity of Matthias, from the smallest rivets of the eighty foot steel trusses to the entire 1923 industrial brick structure as a whole.  The industrial prints showcase the love of the workmanship in its original form as well as the evolution of the building uses.  I am intrigued by the grit, the rust, and the honor of a building built to last decades and to last through being an armory, an automobile dealership, a technical school and now, an art gallery and gathering spot.”

“I am showing my work in three broad categories – industrial works, nature, and observations of humanity.  There are textures, there are stories in these observations.  It has been said that ‘…her photos capture the eye with inexplicable warmth, detail and spirit; drawing ones attention into the print.”

– Stephanie

Winds Paradox is also displaying some samplings of her abstractions.

As the initial professional offering, these works include a hand-signed plate exclusive to the Winds Paradox Gallery.

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