About Winds Paradox

A dream, 15 years in the making.

I am honored with your time spent here at Winds Paradox! Parts of the business are works in progress ~ Please return often to see what is new!

Much of the focus has been the restoration of the Matthias Building, the operation of the Esther Building, and the continual attention to the direction of the company.

I think the buildings exemplify the phenomenal history of work ethic of my community, both today during renovations and development, and in the respective eras in which they were originally built. I want to provide an enjoyable atmosphere where that history combines with artistry and commerce… They were meant to be shared!

Plus, there is an untapped resource in the craftsmanship and art talent which I wish to present here, online, and at the Matthias Gallery. If you are an artist, please contact me! I am currently working on a portfolio of possible arrangements in the ability to exhibit and market your works.

Above all, I wish to extend my gratitude to all who share my life’s journey…it has been a most beautiful path!

Stephanie Springborn



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