Form, Function and Winds Paradox T-Shirts

Form, Function and Winds Paradox T-Shirts

Winds Paradox T shirts

Winds Paradox T-Shirts; 100% of profit goes toward the continued renovation of the Matthias Building.

Form, Function and Winds Paradox T-Shirts

July 21, 2019

Three styles of T-shirts begin the Winds Paradox clothing.  At $12, $15 and $22, these all cotton basics fit with any personal style.  100% of profits from the sales of these shirts are returned to the continuing renovation project of the Matthias Building.  The $15 dollar Winds Paradox logo t-shirt is available in white and tan.  The white cotton Matthias Building T-shirt sells for $12 (as shown in the shopping page).  Winds Paradox also presents the Matthias Building t-shirt (shown here in black), available in both regular and woman’s fitted sizing for $22.

Of Form and Function.

Art encompasses as many theories, topics, definitions and eras as ones mind can imagine.  I never wish to stop my learning of art as a formal study, but along the way I also wish not to halt my curious experimentation.  No matter which state of study I might find myself, the topics of form and function have always intrigued me.  Additionally, the component of individuality creates miracles of expression.

Formalities aside but hand-in-hand with miracles, Winds Paradox develops my own artistic expression.  And the Matthias Building, sometimes out of necessity and sometimes out of glorious inspiration, fosters that spirit as only an armory would.  However, I had erred and did not even realize my mistake.  I forgot that artistry does not end.  It is not a destination.  It changes, develops and hopefully kicks an artist’s spirit unexpectedly.  At least once in awhile!

Inspiration of Form and Function

Accustomed to the removal of wall debris, the addition of my dress form welcomes the future of Winds Paradox.


When I had the opportunity to purchase a dress form, I jumped – of course!!  The timing is not correct.  I am not prepared to design.  At least that is what I tell myself.  But in the process of Winds Paradox (true to form!), often the opportune time is not of my own making.  When those unmistakable miracles happen, I gratefully rejoice while also pondering at the happenstance itself.

My wonderful neighbor, Vera, sold me her dress form.  Made in Brooklyn, New York, as I understand it, her mother sewed wedding gowns and tailored clothing.  In that spirit – with that form – amid bricks and a menagerie of lamps, tools and decorations, Winds Paradox continues its work.






The clearing ~ a path


Matthias has always been about business, architecture, art, and…faith.  Early on, I would wish to know each brick.  The building was a glorious sum of all its individual parts.  I am learning the wisdom of ‘be careful what you wish for!’

Of late, the renovation process removes debris.  Outdated, broken fixtures leave.  Gone. And brick by brick the demolished second floor walls are removed.  The incredibly literal ‘hands-on’ process repeats over and over.  Over and over.  But it is not painstaking in the least.  Strangely the process defies patience and my own expression.  To empty a building, what is it like?  What is it like, to imagine, then re-imagine;  to visualize, then revise.  What is it like?  Slowly, I am finding out.



Grateful and inspired. Sunday at Matthias

Grateful and inspired, on a Sunday, at Matthias.

Grateful…and inspired (and maybe a bit sore from hauling bricks!)

I am grateful.  You choose to visit Winds Paradox!  The cleaning and clearing processes of the Matthias Building inspire me to renew my creativity.  The expressions of other artists remind me to keep growing.

Please check out the t-shirts in the shopping experience of Winds Paradox.

I am grateful for your time.  Please, join me in the developing artistry of this phenomenal building.  I have been given an opportunity nothing short of a miracle.

And a dream to keep sharing it with you…

Much love,