Here is my Secret: Rainbows

Naked Rainbow

Here is my Secret: Rainbows

Naked Rainbow

Naked Rainbow

June 30, 2020

“Goodbye,” said the fox.  “And now here is my secret, a very simple secret:  It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;  what is essential is invisible to the eye.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Haunting sentences echo the impact of the month of June.  One of my favorite books which I forget is in my library, The Little Prince, startles the soul.  Lessons flow through the reader’s eyes with an ease typical of gentle winds.  Then, meaning startles the brain to awaken.  “Wait!” The reader perks up.  “Wait, what did I just read?”  And you read those sentences again and again.

I feel the impact of June 2020 in those words from The Little Prince.  Although June’s realities were much less subtle than those of de Saint-Exupery, the lessons are surprisingly similar.  No matter a person’s politics or beliefs, we, as a society, collectively share the experience of “Wait! What just happened in these past thirty days?”


Black lives matter.  Protests. Questions.


Celebrations and remembrances.  Pride month. A global pandemic eased, then it resurged.

More tears.

I will not pursue that concept of “just happened” because many of the June events had been decades and centuries in the making.  Decades and centuries lost.  Ignored.  Softened. Disguised?

I do not know the answer to that particular question.  But I do know its impact.  “Questions” are a perfect place to begin.

At the close of the month, The Little Prince, reminds me of the undeniable marvels of the human spirit.  Undeniable and invisible, each embodies the paradox of power and the gentle ease of practiced and sacred giftedness.

Rather like the gentle force of rainbows?

May you be blessed with time to pause…for gentle warm breezes, summer sun, twinkling nights and, oh yes,


My love,