The Artful Promise of Rain

The Artful Promise of Rain

April 11, 2021

The forest greening.

The rains came for six days straight.  In the loveliest dance of weather, chilly snaps were overruled by the warmest days yet.  Then two days and nights of thunderstorms teased the trees and plants to begin their greening.

And still it rains on this lovely Sunday.

I have a fondness for the romance of rainy days and the bursting energy of lightning storms whose only intent is the sharp wakening of Mother Nature.

And us.

The Corner

The Corner of “Art” and “Art”

Actually, the Matthias Building happily stands at the corner of Genessee and West Main Street in Merrill, Wisconsin.  After a particularly long workday, my soul was welcomed by the warm glow of the street’s evening lights.  The dancing raindrops reflected lamplights of upstairs apartments.  The light from the appliance store’s hanging sign mirrored on the wet concrete pavement, as did the lights from businesses up and down the street.  The laundromat and church further west lit the darkened way on Main Street.  The spring rain smudged the lights of cars, signs and distant things into a softened glow.

 The Artful Promise.

Some of my favorite paintings are those of urban life with beautiful, shadowy, orange-glowing cityscapes, dappled by rain.  One imagines long walks under wide umbrellas, muffled footsteps drenched in the accompanying sounds of the traffic’s turning wheels passing through puddled avenues.

Sunday afternoon writing.

Rainy days can be dreamy days.  And on this dreamy Sunday and in the rainy days and evenings to come, may the promise of spring touch your heart.  May the sight of a glowing little corner of Genessee and West Main Street – or the corner of “Art” and “Art” –  help to remind you as it did me, that the world is full of that artful promise.

I hope this writing finds you all healthy and happy in the springing of our world.

From Winds Paradox to you,

My love,

stephanie of winds paradox