The Passion of Summer’s Mornings

The Passion of Summer’s Mornings

Sunday, July 18, 2021

You caught me!! Shooting Sunrise Photos

Happy Sunday in July!! I hope this posting finds you enjoying summer’s bounty of artfilled moments.

On a particularly early morning’s drive, I found myself turning back to town before heading northward on the highway.  I was looking forward to grabbing another cup of coffee to enjoy with my ride.  I also had a day’s worth of to-do lists jumbled in my head which needed both the steadiness of a familiar forty-seven minute drive and the jolt of ‘joe’.

A Summer’s Morning.

The sun had not yet risen, but the sky was filled with the softest rainbow hues.  In my packing for the day, I had grabbed a light denim jacket but the woods had insulated me from feeling the total chill of the night.  As I drove out, I drove into a light fog which blanketed the grazing fields outside my woods. Only a car and truck or two (or three) joined me on the road.

The Prairie River.

Oh, I had a lot on my mind.  Not bad or terribly crucial problems, but I had a whole day’s list which I wanted to remember.  I had slept well and had risen extraordinarily early.  I felt ready, but the day’s heaviness needed my attention.  The fog increased as I neared the river. I felt it a G~dgiven reminder to keep my eye on the road.

I turned my headlights on.

“Oh,” I whispered as I crossed the bridge.  The sun still had yet to rise, but the sky blushed to a rosy, sherbety confection-like color.  And the fog languished atop the riverbank.  It too blushed, caressed by the aniticpation of the sun’s dawning.

The trees’ green stood greener than green.  The dark waters of the river mirrored the pastel rainbow colors.  The shadows of banks and rocks outlined the Prairie River as it verved, disappearing into lush greens.  The river itself had given birth to a thick woods.  With the bountiful rains of this summer, every nature’s plant seems bursting with growth.

Wisconsin’s Prairie River #7171

The Turnaround.

I was just telling someone that every time I did not stop to shoot a photo that I thought I should, I have regretted it.  I did not want to give up my extremely early arrival, but I needed to snap some photos.  The sight of the Prairie River in this light was unforgettable.  But could I really capture it?

(Thank goodness for my Jeep!) As soon as I crossed the bridge I U-turned.  (Please do not make a practice of U-turns!)

The Passionate Art of Summer’s Mornings.

I parked the Jeep.  I probably could have gotten hit by a passing vehicle.  All I could think was that with each second, the colors seemed to change.  I needed to snap photos – promptly!

Mother Nature’s art struck me.  I snapped as many photos as I could have and just as I have in the past – on a bridge, in a bubbled consciousness of the coloration and lighting of a river, the sky and the fog.

It’s all pure science, right?  It’s all art, right?  Mmm….

Wisconsin’s Prairie River #7172

Wisconsin’s Prairie River #7173

Wisconsin’s Prairie River #7174

Such mornings, to me, are the passionate Blessings of the universe.  Magic that is beyond me.

Sometimes I wonder at my good fortune to be standing on a bridge at five-thirty in the morning…

Oh, how I wish the passionate art of summer’s mornings to you!!  And, to make certain of it, here is but a sampling of my particular morning in the lovely rainbow confection-colored fog by the Prairie River…

Love, Art, Blessings…

~Winds Paradox

ps. I know there are only subtle differences between the photos…but I loved the experience..Perhaps let me know yur favorite?!