Spirit of a Sunday Building

Spirit of a Sunday Building


Happy June!

There is the anniversary of the naming of the company and the name of the building (February 24, the feast of Saint Matthias), anniversaries of milestone life events such as weddings and first day of jobs and anniversaries of painful moments (I will leave those examples tucked in our hearts).

There are also days such as today, a Sunday fifty days or so after Easter in which Pentecost is celebrated. In Judaism today is Shavuot which is the day marked by the gifts of Ten Commandments to Moses and the wheat harvest of Israel.

“Chag Sameach!” Or “Happy Holiday!” would be wished today.

Today also marks the beginning of a short holiday for myself! With a bit of rest – just enough! – I find myself drawn into the day. The soul significance of these religious days of celebration captivates a person with renewal. The symbolism enriches the experience.

And I rejoice a bit, with this collision of anniversaries and memories. Pentecost Sunday is one of my own anniversaries of soul and spirit. Sometimes, without dragging out a whole theological explanation, as a simple human being, I search for my favorite summer red dress with matching red sandals!

And I smile at every red flower, remembering and praying both for the happy anniversaries locked within one’s soul and the painful ones which reside deeper still in a person’s heart of hearts.

While I await the first rose blooms, I have discovered gorgeous bundles of red in begonias. They seem exceptionally brilliant this summer!

Three weeks ago I was gifted with the stories of Matthias’ history. These photographs here show two of the classes of the vocational school. In both photos is Mr. Burkhardt, the school’s director. In the beginning of the school’s life, it’s curriculum answered the needs of the military. Mr. Burkhardt began as the agricultural instructor. His role expanded as he became the director, answering the needs for technical knowledge.

As classes were needed, he would find instructors. A class was needed in the formal presentation of meals and food preparation. A restauranteur was summoned from Madison to teach. Among the offerings were typing, engine repair, upholstery, and first aid. And those classes were not th

My father painted at Matthias. Memories.. I would be remiss to not identify Mr. Burkhardt as the gentleman in the photographs with a suit and glasses. He is seen in the photo of the first aid class standing furthest to the left. He is seen with the formal dining class, seated at the table on the right.

Within these anniversaries, I feel a gathering of one’s soul and celebration of gifted spirits. Without getting too ethereal, the day marks heartfelt events which are only too real.

And sometimes a day, a Sunday, holds surprises. Someone says ‘hello,’ then you are laughing with an old friend.  It is, we are, sometimes a bit magical.

Thank you so much to the Merrill Historical Society for the photos! Thank you, my family, friends and community.

Much love,