A Sunday in Late July

A Sunday in Late July

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Hello and happy summer to you all! Oh, there is a grand art to this season! The liveliness of everything urges one to dive in.  “Come, come explore!” Or, “Come, come enjoy!”

Out and About

Surroundings beckon one, from the most manmade, delightful event such as the U.S. Senior Open at Sentryworld to the simplest of enjoying the sight of flowers. I watched world caliber golfers execute their craft with both genius and creativity with their streamline drives and dead-on putting.  After plopping a second shot into the drink, one particular genius removed his socks and shoes, rolled up his pants’ legs, then proceeded to chip out of the water’s edge onto the green.

(This same golfer went on to win the whole championship!)

I have had the opportunity to wander around our state’s neighbor to the west. While family was the priority, we made time to wander through the Landscaping Arboretum. Gardens of sculptures, tranquility and species-specific rolled through the acreage.  We lost ourselves for hours talking and walking.  Even simple strolls in the neighborhood caused us to pause at the site of murals.  A simple wall?  A simple wall outside a parking lot?  Yep, it was all that, but it had also been someone’s canvas.

Home Sweet Home

I collect those experiences to savor as I return home.  As I began my drive to work, a doe appears on my road with her two young ones.  Imagine my surprise, when fourteen hours later on my return from work, my eye caught her subtle movement in the woods.  She stood partially hidden at the crest of a small hill in the wood’s path.  I stopped to watch her as she watched me and waited.  Seconds later her two fawns hopped from the other side of the driveway to her. Another surprise awaited me when I turned forward again to continue down the drive.  A third fawn darted from the other side to her.  She had had triplets (or possibly adopted). Where was my camera?

On the edge of my little woods, daisies are popping up where they had never been before.  Is there any art which signifies late July more than a small grove of white and yellow daisies?

No matter where you find yourself, may you have a chance to ‘summer’…

Lots of love,


Winds Paradox Gallery, “A Home for Art”